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Our shop is divided into 4 different categories:

PSYCHEDELICS: In the psychedelic category,  you will find all the rare variation of top-quality psychedelics product ranging from Ayahuasca, AL-LAD Blotter Paper, 25I-NBOMe powder & 25I-NBOMe blotter, KETAMINE CRYSTALS, MDMA (POWDER/CRYSTALS), Peyote – Mescaline Freebase LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide), DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) freebase and all the wonderfull variations of magic mushroom including magic truffles that  are pre-prepared and ready to use.  It’s our aim to help you spice up your life by offering the most stimulating substances and coolest products on the market.

PSYCHOACTIVE HERBS: currently offering a wide selection of top quality  products such as Salvia (extract), kratom, mimosa, peyote and all kinds of other psychoactive or hallucinating herbs or seeds including marijuana/cannabis. Our psychoactive herbs category  also contains a huge selection of products to grow your own magic mushrooms; including ‘ready-to-grow’ magic mushroom grow kits, spore prints, spore syringes etc

VAPORIZERS: Step into our vaporizers category  and discover a healthier way to enjoy cannabis, tobacco, and other smokable herbs/extracts. Using smokeless technology, all our vaporizers let you savour the flavour and aroma of your favourite substance without all the harmful side effects associated with smoking. Our Vaporshop features a wide variety of vaporizers from all the best manufacturers, including elaborate desktop vapes, practical portable models, hybrid vapes (using both convection and conduction technology), and both concentrate and dry herb vaporizers. Whether you’re a health-conscious smoker seeking bigger, more potent hits, or you simply want to experience a new way to enjoy your favourite herbs, check out our full range of vaporizers today. 

Psychedelics Deals has been started by the need of the psychonauts/psychedelic community for new natural products.  With our own line of Smudging herbs, Kanna, LSA Seeds, Kratom, Rapé, Cacao and more. 

To expand our range beyond New York and its surroundings to international proportions, Psychedelics Deals webshop has become a reality since November 2016. First of all, contact with the customer: personal contact via chat, telephone and e-mail. We know that good customer experience is very important for everyone. We always seek for the highest quality products with the best support possible.